Partners inTraining

ECOMWEL assesses the training needs of the NGOs and takes concerted efforts to address the needs by organizing, facilitating and making referrals to the training institutions and organizations. This space is created to strengthen the perspective clarity and skills.


Photography Workshop

ECOMWEL organizes basic workshop on photography with a Development focus with the support of professionals. The core objective of the workshop is to introduce the importance of photography in the context of Development Documentation and to strengthen the technical skills of the grassroots workers. The training content includes introduction to photography, angles, shots, frames & compositions with a strong theoretical as well as practical sessions.


Social Work Intern Training

ECOMWEL offers learning opportunities to Post Graduate students of Social work of city colleges. The student’s field work training critically focuses on strengthening perspective, skills, values and social commitment. The students are given the opportunity to understand the ground realities in the urban slums and also in the villages. The training includes orientation, creative learning, exposure visits, assessment, collective reading, community development work and skill development in the area of documentation, trainings & campaigns.

Enriching lives: through perspective & skill strengthening