ECOMWEL's documentation aims at sustaining and broad basing the NGOs development initiatives. It also bridges the information gap for the grassroots development organisations that feel handicapped in the absence of critical knowledge. One of the Intervention strategies of ECOMWEL is to collect, simplify and disseminate information to NGOs on various legislations, policies and programs, which directly and indirectly influence the marginalised groups. Realizing the incredible outreach and impact of the audio-visual media, ECOMWEL is engaged in expanding its knowledge base by collecting, creating and presenting information and analysis on critical issues confronting marginalized through audio -visual media with the purpose of enhancing awareness.

ECOMWEL produces and shares resource materials – Booklets, audio materials, Video documentation, posters village resource kits on specific development issues for a range of constituencies both literate and neo literate.

Enriching lives: through knowledge Regeneration