• KRPED Trust: Works towards the Socio economic development of the tribals in the Jawadhu hills.

  • RWDS: Reaches out to marginalised Dalit women through capacity building process to access their rights to life & livelihood

  • WORD: Works with Dalits who are involved in low paid/ poorly recognised jobs.

  • Snegithan: Works with people with disabilities by offering counselling service

  • Chettapenta programme: Works for the empowerment of women through SHG promotion and strengthening.



ECOMWEL explored the possibilities of understanding the critical needs of the people with disabilities with regard to the physically challenged. The lack of transportation for the wheel chair users in the city is a critical which curtails their mobility and access to education and other opportunities. Inorder to address this need, ECOMWEL entered into a collaborative partnership with Mithra an NGO in Chennai working with commitment towards the total rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged children for the past 32 years. Mithra carries out various activities for the differently abled children between the ages of 5 to 16 years which includes hospital services which provides Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Psychiatry, Dental and X-ray Units for multi-disability purposes and Pre-vocational training.

Mithra possess a past experience with regard to the conversion of vehicle to best suit the needs of the people with disabilities. Understanding the organization’s expertise in the area of rehabilitation of Children with disabilities, Well established infrastructure facilities, highly qualified Human resource team, Consistent work for the past 32 years and Credibility among various stakeholders including the Government of Tamil Nadu enabled ECOMWEL to affirm its partnership by offering a Four wheeler (Tata Winger) with necessary alteration to accommodate the wheel chair users in the city.

… Together making change a reality …